One Billion

A billion sends. Wow. It really is incredible to realize that as of a few days ago our clients have sent 1,000,000,000 emails through our system.

On the one hand, that's just a number. But when you consider how each of those emails was enhanced by data, when you think about those 250,000,000 moments when someone found a message relevant enough to open and read what a marketer had tried so hard to get right, when you imagine the 20,000,000 decisions made to take the next step and to act, when you think about the billions of dollars those campaigns generated, that number takes on a deeper meaning.

Our team has worked incredibly hard, but there's no milestone like this without 100+ clients backed by talented, savvy marketers like you who have taken what we've built and done something amazing with it.

So thank you. Thanks for being our partners and friends. Thanks for all your late nights and early mornings. It's a fun milestone and, like you, we've still got work to do. Here's to a billion more.