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Season in Review Email Performance – 2011/2012 Opens & Clicks

May 26th, 2012

Earlier this month, our fearless leader, Corey Ryan, gave a presentation at the NSAA National Convention. Among other things, he shared some seasonal stats for resort email performance after Mother Nature’s now infamous no-show. Here are a few key metrics.

Open Rate
The average open rate for the season was 18.3% which stayed fairly steady throughout the season. More than a half-dozen resorts averaging over 20% open rate.

Click Rate
The average click rate was 11.1%, with three resorts recording average click through rates above 15%.

Performance by Message Type
On a message-type basis, performance was impressive with both pre-arrival and post departure messages average above a 40% open and 40% click rate.

While the overall numbers were up compared to last year, we don’t attribute it to bad snowfall in some sort of perverse, inverse correlation. Instead, we worked closely with our clients to optimize their campaign performance (a/b splits, etc). Those that led the categories generally put more effort into these initiatives.

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