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Tuesday Trends

Weekly hotel and resort marketing insights for all to enjoy.

Should you send deadline emails the last day? The day before? Two days before?

We all use deadlines to drive urgency, but what’s the right timing when it comes to reminding potential guests about those . . .
October 11, 2016  //  Read full article»

Do 5 star hotels always get better online reviews than 3 star hotels?

A 4 or 5 star property on paper is clearly superior to a 3 star in terms of service and amenities, but how does that translate to the . . .
October 3, 2016  //  Read full article»

Six key insights into the past, present, and future of hospitality social media marketing.

We’ve been publishing new content every week since 2012. Do the math, that’s over 200 unique insights based on unique data sets. . . .
September 27, 2016  //  Read full article»

After years of growth, hotel marketing video length is shrinking…fast.

We’ve dabbled with this question before, but with a much larger sample of videos to pull from we wanted to revisit a simple . . .
September 20, 2016  //  Read full article»

Does asking for social media engagement still work?

Three years ago we found that on nearly every social metric, asking for engagement led to more engagement. Since then, however, . . .
September 13, 2016  //  Read full article»

When it comes to mobile email opens, what a (huge) difference two years make.

In November 2014 we looked at how many email opens were coming from mobile versus desktop or webmail. The results showed more than 1/3 . . .
September 6, 2016  //  Read full article»

Five tricks for crafting a high-performing email subject line.

We’ve been publishing new content every week since 2012. Do the math, that’s over 200 unique insights based on unique data sets. . . .
August 30, 2016  //  Read full article»

Are guests more likely to write reviews on specific days of the week?

Online reviews are a huge part of many hotels’ digital strategy. Over the last couple months we’ve looked at how things . . .
August 23, 2016  //  Read full article»

Can Facebook’s “were here” metric be used to predict hotel occupancy?

Over the years Facebook has tried a few approaches to quantify foot traffic to physical locations. One such number is what’s . . .
August 16, 2016  //  Read full article»

How many hotels are still riding the Pokemon GO bandwagon?

A few weeks ago we published some early numbers on how many hotels were jumping on the Pokemon GO bandwagon. Despite being early, the . . .
August 9, 2016  //  Read full article»

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