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Tuesday Trends

Weekly hotel and resort marketing insights for all to enjoy.

Five key insights to help you build the perfect email template.

If you’ve been reading our posts for a while you may have noticed we’re trying a few new things. One of these ideas was . . .
August 2, 2016  //  Read full article»

How much has Facebook and Twitter growth slowed since 2010?

Every year we’ve updated a simple metric: resort social media fan and follower growth. We’ve been tracking this stat since . . .
July 26, 2016  //  Read full article»

How many hotels have jumped on the Pokemon GO bandwagon?

In a matter of days Pokemon GO has gone from zero to marketing hero for many small businesses eager to capitalize on the crowds the app . . .
July 19, 2016  //  Read full article»

Predict subject line performance before you ever send an email.

We’ve done a lot of analyses on subject lines over the years, covering everything from dollar signs and percentages to . . .
July 12, 2016  //  Read full article»

Surprising results from analyzing the sentiment of 4,000 online hotel reviews.

You probably monitor your online reviews pretty carefully. You may even apply some advanced tools like sentiment analysis to see how . . .
July 5, 2016  //  Read full article»

The most common words used in 1- and 2-star hotel reviews.

Online reviews. Some hotels live and die by both the good and the bad feedback guests post online. But what happens when you look at . . .
June 28, 2016  //  Read full article»

Does anyone even click those website-style nav bars in your email template?

We’ve looked at various aspects of email templates before, but a very common question surrounds a very common element: navigation . . .
June 21, 2016  //  Read full article»

The larger the percentage discount, the more interest and action? Yes and no.

We’ve shared stats about whether a percentage discount gets more engagement than a dollar amount or whether a dollar discount is . . .
June 14, 2016  //  Read full article»

The top 25 platforms hotels and resorts use to manage their social marketing.

There are quite literally thousands of tools available to help brands manage and analyze their social media accounts. But which ones . . .
June 7, 2016  //  Read full article»

Are older travelers more likely to fill out a survey or comment card?

We’ve been asked this question a handful of times but didn’t have some of the tangential insights we figured would be at . . .
May 31, 2016  //  Read full article»

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