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How it Works

Your guest data when and where you need it.

Unlimited sources.

Over 50 pre-built, live integrations.

Whether you're running one platform at a single property or a half dozen across a hundred hotels, our scalable integration infrastructure can keep data clean, central, and accurate.

We've already built and have live integrations with dozens of platforms for lodging, spa, retail point-of-sale, golf, ski, ticketing, and more. Need something new? We regularly build custom integrations as well.


One central, clean, accurate guest view.

If there's one place we excel, it's in our ability to combine multiple data sets from multiple properties into one clean, central view of your guests' behaviors and attitudes.

Even more, the data points we generate are customizable. Want a custom trait based on a dozen behavioral flags that triggers an automated email? We've got that. Almost everything we've built can be customized to fit your properties, your guests, and your goals.


Your data where and when you need it.

Between an online, self-service data portal and a series of powerful web APIs, your data is ready to be integrated into email, print, web, social media, direct mail, and more.

This level of data accessibility allows you to reach your guests at every stage of the travel cycle with messages customized to their needs, behaviors, and trends.


Turn guest data into revenue.

This image represents just a small, simplified example of how these pieces work together. Data comes in, it's cleansed and organized, pushed out to marketing channels where more data is gathered, integrated, and the system improves.

As we often say, magical things start to happen when everything you know about your guests can influence everything they see.

Have us speak at your next event.

Insight-filled presentations backed by billions of hospitality-specific data points.



See what our hospitality CRM can do for your marketing efforts.

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