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Hotel CRM Software: What is it, how does it work?

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As long as we’re defining terms, might as well start at the very beginning. To do so, let’s break “hotel CRM” up into two parts: CRM and hotel.

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management and refers to a tool that helps a company manage customer interactions. Typically this is backed by systems that aggregated that company’s customer data and interactions so these datapoints can influence and enhance marketing, customer service, and more.

Hotels, as we both know, have guests. And guests have specific needs, behaviors, traits, and demographics.

In that sense a hotel CRM is one such tool that is built specifically to address the unique marketing, data, etc. of hotels.

Ideally, this system would pull in data from all the profit centers of the hotel and then make each data point completely accessible so it can enhance all the marketing channels a hotel is utilizing.

marketing crm flow chart diagram

When you do that, a hotel CRM isn’t just a central database or marketing platform or reporting tool, it’s each of those things working together to turn guest data into hotel revenue.

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