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Amazing insights and data, tailored to your audience.

Book us (and our billions of hospitality-specific data points) for your next event.

We know first-hand that no amount of networking or activities or beer (well, perhaps that one is debatable) can save an event with terrible speakers. That’s a scenario we don’t want to be part of. Here’s how we avoid it.

Our Five Promises

1) Easy to Work With
No stupid demands or requirements. This is your event, not ours.

2) Highly Relevant
All the data we share is hotel- and resort-specific and 100% first-hand.

3) Honest & Accurate
We don’t massage data. The result? A refreshing combo of accuracy and honesty.

4) No Selling
It sucks watching a keynote just plug their stuff. We don’t do that.

5) We Promote You
We have a lot of reach and we’ll use it. Your success is our success.

Potential Topics

We’re very flexible, but our most requested topics are typically:

  • You Have Data, Now What? Secrets of Turning Guest Data into Revenue
  • Using Data to Score, Identify, and Leverage Your Most Valuable Guests
  • The Five Automated Email Campaigns Every Hotel Can, and Should, Set Up
  • Why Hotel Email Marketing isn’t Even Close to Dead and What to Do About It
  • The Next Frontier: Capitalizing on Social Media Data in the Guest Database

Big or Small, We’d Love to Attend

If you’ve got an event coming up or will be attending one you’d love to see us at, let us know. Just send us a few details about with what you’ve got in mind (no commitment, just starting a conversation) and we’ll go from there.